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 Eco Solatec was established in June, 2009 to exclusively focus on the pest control products by producing environment-friendly products with a fresh idea and through the endless Research & Development. 

 We have been manufacturing a physical control type of products to prevent diseases and insect pests damaging your precious crops and threatening one’s health; Environment-friendly Insect traps such as Solar- trap and Eco R-II with lower power consumption can be a great solution to meet the customer’s needs especially required in the organic agricultural fields. Eco solatec had participated in several international Shows enjoying a good reputation for excellent quality products among the customers.

 We applied for more than 20 patents of new products with a lot of efforts and research development and have been doing all of the best for satisfying the various requirements of Customers. We have acquired CE Marks and ISO 9001:14001 as well. And we believe that Customers continued support and encouragement will be the essential power that leads to today & tomorrow’s Ecosolatec. For the better service and Customer’s satisfaction all Ecosolatec members devote all our energies to continuously improve on R&D and manufacturing as a way of expressing our gratitude to our customers. Ecosolatec will keep on growing with global mind, and become the most trustworthy business partner based on the mutual trust.

 Dear Customers, we appreciate your interest in Ecosolatec and we love your vision and do our best to realize all of our dreams come true.

 May our precious business and family be successful today and tomorrow!

Thank you


Yours sincerely,

Ung-seop Jeong